Mike Portnoy
It’s “American Idol” reject James Durbin.

He tells USA Today that he plans on recording an album now that his “Idol” days are done, and the faux rocker described the forthcoming shit as “[Dio’s] ‘Holy Diver,’ [Black Sabbath’s] ‘Neon Knights’-type feel.” Sounds great, used at-home insemination kit.

“I potentially heard my first single yesterday,” Durbin said. He said it “still has a heavy edge and is radio friendly.” He plans to reunite with a friend from home who will be his lead guitarist, and h said he also hopes to work with Mike Portnoy.

He knows he’s available. And probably a bargain at this point. Imagine…if Mike Portnoy became his drummer. Damn. That would be insane. It won’t happen, but that would be a real fall, no?

Durbin in March actually did a Judas Priest cover. So I guess the kid must have a cool older brother or dad who introduced him to old school shot. Durbin is also the one who has Zakk Wylde come on and play guitar.

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