Because there is no band photo yet
According to The PRP, there’s a new super group comin to the forefront, and they’ve even got a sick name.

Called Bewilderbiest, the group features Charles Elliot from Abysmal Dawn on vocals and guitar.

He also happens to be a cool dude who does PR at Nuclear Blast. If you haven’t already checked out that Abysmal Dawn CD, you’re an asshead.

The new project also boasts Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable on guitar, The Faceless bassist Derek Rydquist, and drummer Derek Donley of Graviton and National Sunday Law.

I wonder what this band’s record is going to sound like when it comes out. Will it be a doom record? Something that defies definition? A sleaze rock band? Who knows. We just have to wait.

That’s all I’ve got for you. The band should be awesome. The name is giving me expectations that must be met.

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