Don Dokken
Don Dokken has taken to the internet to discuss reuniting the band that bears his name.

“Thanks to all of you that can see through the smoke and mirrors,” Donnie writes. “Yes, Jon [Levin, current Dokken member] is an amazing guitarist and a great human being as well. There was a lot of talk about a Dokken reunion — I tried my best to make it happen for the fans with Jon’s blessing — but the bottom line was Jeff [Pilson, former Dokken bassist] said he’s busy with Foreigner for the next few years, so that was that.”

Don says that during an appearance he was going to make on VH1 Classic’s “The Metal Show” with former Dokken guitarist George Lynch, “we were going to announce a reunion but at the last minute Jeff asked me not to talk about it because he had not mentioned it to Mick Jones [of Foreigner] yet. I totally understood, [I] just wish he would have said something before I agreed to do the show with George. His comments on the show spoke for themselves.

“After all these years, I have tired of defending myself. The band is ‘rokken’ and we get along great, which is paramount to me at this time in my life,” says Don. “George will always have his fans, which he earned, but I will always give credit to the amazing guitarists that have come after him.”

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