Mike Muir
A buoyant female fan of thrash punk act Suicidal Tendencies got a little overexcited during the band’s May 14 gig in Sydney, Australia.

In a video that follows the jump, the woman leapt onto the back of the group’s lead singer, Mike Muir, and pulled the bandana off his head.

Muir went on a subsequent onstage rant, saying, in so many words, that he was caught off guard. “I’m not ready for a fucking fat bitch to jump on my back when I ain’t fucking lookin’,” he said.

There is a new Suicidal Tendencies album currently in the works, and Muir commented in a recent interview about how tough it is playing some of the band’s older shit because “when you’re young and put out your first record and start playing it to people, you are never thinking about thirty years down the track. I mean that’s twice as old as you are at the time. What we’ve learned is that when we do a new record, we know what we’re doing, we know it will be a great record and we’re not going to worry about what people are listening to at any given time.”

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