OK, so I have given Trivium a fair amount of shit over the last few months because they tend to sound like Metallica to me. But I think with this new record, that may stop.

I’m listening to this new track that “leaked” on YouTube (which you will find after the jump) and it sounds nothing like Metallica. Really. I guess with this new record, they’re going for a more Pantera-esque sound.

At least that’s what “In Waves” sounded like to me at various points. But really, I have to say — it’s maybe my favorite Trivium song, and I just heard it. Maybe I will end up liking their next record, which comes out August 9. Stranger things have happened.

Like, the rapture. Maybe it could happen. It won’t but maybe it will. By the way, Gun Shy Assassin will be blogging tomorrow, whether the rapture comes or not.

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