Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth
Holy shit, is it good! You need to head over to the band’s Facebook page, like them, and then, you can hear the new song. It fucking rips, kids. My neck still hurts from the yellow bus-like movements it induced.

If you don’t know about Brutal Truth, you should hit up their Facebook. You can always unlike them if you don’t dig it, but you should dig it. These are legends of grind, and they take their sound to the extreme.

The song is called “End Time,” and it is the title track from their new record, which comes out in September through Relapse.

According to Blabbermouth, in In the current issue of Terrorizer magazine, Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharp said that the album lyrically “follows the world’s environmental shake that seems to be going on…obvious changes in our world could shed a bit of light on how everything will unravel…our expansion of population meets environmental issues.”

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