Keep of Kalessin
In a new online post, Keep of Kalessin’s Obsidian C updated fans from the band’s current tour supporting Sepultura and Belphegor. The update is Sepultura aren’t the best band to tour with.

“Yesterday we played in Rochester, New York, and man, the bullshit just continues on this tour,” the missive starts. “All support bands only got five channels altogether, which means that all we could get sound on in the PA-system was drums and one vocal.

“This is totally bullshit from Sepultura because when you’re on a package tour like this and playing such smaller clubs, where some nights it’s only 150 to 200 people, you should share the mixing console with the other bands so they are able to do a proper show!,” Obsidian C writes.

“We had to play our show with guitars and bass only on stage and we didn’t have backing vocals,” the post continues. “Because of this all bands had to crank the amplifiers on stage so loud that when Belphegor got on stage, they only managed to play half a song before the amplifier overheated from being cranked so hard all night. The audience wasn’t happy about it.

“The support bands and their crew are really starting to get tired of being treated like shit from the headliner,” he continues. “Also, while they get 3 to 4 meals every day we get nothing. Today we didn’t even get water! Tonight is Belphegor’s last night and we’ll continue for a week more with Sepultura, Hate and Neuraxis. Peabody’s is normally a good club to play though so I think the show will be good tonight even though it’s a Sunday.”

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