Halford in the crowd before performing on "American Idol"
My old MTV News colleague and pal Jim Cantiello was at the “American Idol” finale the other night, and worked the red carpet beforehand. And guess who walked the red carpet and did interviews with all kinds of media folk? Judas Priest.

Priest performed with this past season’s “metal guy” James Durbin; he’s is a 22-year-old rocker dude from Santa Cruz, California, who will likely put out a record that portends to be metal.

“Because we’ve lived so long and done so much stuff in heavy metal and we’ve seen so many crazy things and heard so many crazy things, when we heard this we went, ‘Fuck! That’s incredible, man. Let’s do it, you know? This is insane. That’s just amazing,’” frontman Rob Halford explained to Jim, when asked about his reaction to getting the “Idol” call. “So as it progressed from ‘Another Thing Coming’ ’till this point now, when we’re on the carpet and we’re about to do the show, it’s just a dream come true for Priest, for metal and, mostly, for James Durbin.”

See video of that interview after the jump.

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