Dez from DevilDriver
I knew this was going down. That is to say, I knew — thanks to Facebook — that Mark Lewis was heading West to work with the one and boring DevilDriver, and, I wondered to myself, “What’s Mark going to be doing with DevilDriver out West?”

Well, it’s actually quite interesting.

DevilDriver entered a recording studio earlier this week to track a cover of Metallica‘s “Holier Than Thou.” The song will appear on an upcoming 20th anniversary tribute to the bands self-titled album, which a lot of folks call “The Black Album.” You know the one.

Wow, 20 fucking years. How time flies when you’re counting backwards towards death with every passing day.

OK, so DevilDriver’s doing one track — I wonder who they’ve got for the rest of the dozen songs on the disc. You know they snagged Trivium; the band were in the studio recently and had to have been asked to do this. I’m guessing they will do “Sad But True.”

Dave Mustaine may be involved. Megadeth are in the studio and Dave’s been in a Metallica-blowing sort of mood lately. Maybe “Through The Never?” Machine Head were in the studio…maybe “My Friend of Misery.”

Lacuna Coil are in the studio. I could see them doing “The Unforgiven.” Who else…Dillinger Escape Plan were back in the studio recently…maybe they could do “Of Wolf and Men.” I mean, I could keep going. I’d love to see a band like Watain represented…”Nothing Else Matters,” mayhaps.

Mastodon have been in the studio. “Don’t Tread On Me” would be suiting. What bands would you like to see do what songs from “The Black Album,” which I like to call Metallica’s Metallica? The big question — who will do “Enter Sandman?” It’s been done so many times before…I wonder. Go to the Facebook page, like us, and let’s get this conversation started fuckers.

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