Robb Flynn
And we’ve got it for you after the jump, at the end of this post. It sounds like…Machine Head. It sounds Machine Head-like. Very Machine Heady.

It’s only 30 seconds, and its from the song “Locust,” which is going to be released as a digital single on iTunes and related online music outlets come June 14. Go listen to the clip, and tell us: Awesome or loathsome?

Of the song, frontman Robb Flynn said the track “is a metaphor. Locusts fly in a swarm, but they can’t control which direction they fly; they float on the wind, they land, cause massive destruction, and then float away on the wind to leave you in the aftermath. The song is a metaphor for a type of person that sometimes comes into your life and has a similar effect.”

Interesting, interesting.

The whole song runs eights minutes. Flynn even joked, “We still can’t seem to write a damn song under six minutes. But Machine Head aren’t writing music for the radio or MTV. This is for us. This is for the metalhead who let’s music take him on a journey. This for the metalhead for whom music is the only thing that matters, to whom music is a savior. The music fan who’s going to study every detail of the artwork, go online and find the lyrics and memorize every word, and let it take them away from their fucked up life for a while. It’s for the music freak, who maybe just wants to get hammered, air-guitar and sing at the top of his lungs, and act like an friggin’ idiot while starting a moshpit in their living room with reckless abandon. Because that’s who wrote this song, and that is the only people we care about connecting with.”

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