It's just wrong
Not sure how I feel about that album cover right there; I feel wrong looking at it. Something tells me there might be a lawsuit or two in the works. And that logo is pretty vile. But the songs I heard by Panties, I enjoyed.

You have to like thrashy, super-aggressive grind to appreciate it.

I guess they’ve had a self-titled album out since February but I just stumbled upon it yesterday, and it’s fucking crushing.

And I love the first line from [I’m assuming] the band’s own description of the record: “How these perverts have stayed off of the Megan’s Law website is a complicated mystery.”

There is a girl in the band, so they’re not just creepy dudes; she plays bass. But seriously, that album cover? It’s fucked up. Like, twisted fucked up. It’s fucked up, in a similar but completely different way than XXX Maniak’s album covers are fucked up.

“Comprised of four long-time friends, each member has their own laundry list of credits in different bands from the Los Angeles, California scene,” the description adds. “Panties does not hesitate to offend and will make you feel like you’ve been blindfolded and taken for a treacherous, anxiety filled joyride of confusion with song topics covering Freddy Krueger’s Ray Ban-wearing-nightmare-rape-rampage, the wrath of Ferris Bueller’s arch nemesis Ed Rooney, insane tales of child abduction, killer kidnappers and more.”

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