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Fred Durst Gets Sunburn, Had Scissor Fight With Wes


Chelsea Handler
I hate that show “Chelsea Lately.” I dated this chick once who’d make me watch this broad every night before she’d let me bang her. Hence the used to part. I couldn’t stand listening to this hack tell inane “jokes” that only dumb chicks — apparently — get. So, I just literally had dick flashbacks while watching this clip of Fred Durst on Chelsea’s boring show.

You can watch Fred’s interview after the jump. Here’s what I thought of the video. First of all, Fred wears shorts on the show. Who wears fucking shorts to a talk show, man?

Anyways, Fred talks about how whilst shooting Limp Bizkit’s forthcoming video this weekend, he didn’t wear any sunblock and got a severe, blister-inducing sunburn.

He also talks about Limp’s long dry spell, and basically said that “Wes needed to get out of the makeup for a bit,” and he goes on to describe his reunion with Wes Borland: he said that had a sword fight.

“We don’t take ourselves very seriously,” says Fred, winning the award for understatement of 2011. “We’re having fun with it.”