Trivium in the studio

Trivium in the studio
Trivium have a new album coming out called In Waves that drops August 9…smack dab in the middle of the RockStar Mayhem Festival, which Trivium will be on.

Yesterday, the band’s label issued a press release revealing all about the new album.

In Waves to us…,” frontman Matt Heafy says, pausing a millisecond to reflect, “is Trivium. In Waves is the music, the artwork, the videos and the live show; they are all part of an interconnected whole. There’s no question about it, in our eyes, that this is the most complete project we’ve ever done. We think we’ve finally made the record that we’ve always strived to make.”

And this is the Trivium post that I’ve always strived to write. Why the hell do bands say that? If you’re a good band, every fucking album you make should automatically be the best thing you’ve ever done. That’s how it should be.

Notice that the Morbid Angel dudes never said anything about the new album being what they’ve always try to strive for.

The press release claims that “while the tracks boast the guitar-driven edge that fans have come to love and expect from the band — pushing some of the tracks even further in their heaviness and aggression — the visual and lyrical world that In Waves inhabits is overall a fantastic leap forward for the band. Inspired as much by contemporary film and visual art as by the band’s love of heavy music, all of the imagery — including album art, videos, stage sets and web properties — take Trivium into territory that few bands have the confidence, or vision, to visit.”

Listen, I call it like I see it here: I’m a music fan. i don’t give a fuck about the visuals. the fact that they’re really hyping this visual thing smacks of gimmick to me. Let the music be inspired by movies and shit — fine. But if you want to be an artist, do it outside of the music.

“The visuals create the special world of In Waves where the entire album package will take the listener on a journey where the destination may not have even been decided yet, much less known,” the press release adds. “It’s a wide, open road and one littered with darkness and other curiosities. The visual project was [a] collaborative effort between the band and a team of select artists. The band and their artists created a new, unique and wholly original set of visuals that are like a graphic novel come to life.”

Again, with the visuals. What about the audio, kid?

This is the track listing for In Waves:

1. Capsizing the Sea
2. In Waves
3. Inception of the End
4. Watch The World Burn
5. Dusk Dismantled
6. Black
7. Built To Fall
8. Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
9. A Skyline’s Severance
10. Forsake Not the Dream
11. Chaos Reigns
12. Of All These Yesterdays
13. Leaving This World Behind

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