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VIDEO: The Rob Zombie-Directed Woolite Commercial


Rob Zombie
We told you way back in April that Rob Zombie — a rocking frontman and the next Howard Schultz — had agreed to direct a television spot for Woolite. Strange, but true.

Now, after the jump, you can see that commercial, which is cool but also kind of boring and not at all frightening. I mean, it’s a fucking Woolite commercial, so it’s not like I was going into it thinking it was going to be “Halloween” fucking whatever — there have been 1,200 of those fuckers.

After directing the commercial, Rob took to his blog and said the shoot went down in Vancouver — which, like Seattle, is also an amazing town, if you’ve never been. “I just wrapped a very…scary TV commercial for Woolite, called ‘The Torturer.’ Yes, I said Woolite. This ain’t yo Mamma’s Woolite. Can’t show you much but, below are a few shots from this crazy week of filming.”