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Aziz Ansari at Warner Theatre



If that name doesn’t make any sense to you, click this link and be prepared to laugh your dick off.

June 17th, 2011, Warner Theatre, 7PM and 10PM

Whether you know him as Tom Haverford, the brown Indiana entrepreneur and slick talking ladies man from the NBC show Parks and Recreation, or one of the co-creators of the MTV sketch show Human Giant, Aziz Ansari is taking the comedy world by storm.

Note: If you don’t know who Aziz is, the Raaaaaaaandy bit above is a character from the movie Funny People. He’s supposed to be an awful comedian; the “Soulja Boy of comedy” as Aziz has said, so don’t get the wrong idea. Also, you should get out more.

When Aziz isn’t talking about food, tweeting, hanging out with Kanye West, going to R. Kelly concerts or, I don’t know, hosting the MTV awards, he’s traveling the country on his Dangerously Delicious comedy tour.

Check him out at the Warner Theatre this Friday, June 17th for two shows at 7PM and 10PM.