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Jon Stewart: Media is Lazy, Sensationalist


But he doesn’t think they have a liberal agenda.

From Politico:

“”I think their bias is towards sensationalism and laziness. I wouldn’t say its towards a liberal agenda. It’s light fluff so it’s absolutely within the wheelhouse,” Stewart said. “”If your suggestion is that they’re restlessly partisan, then why haven’t they gone and backed away from [Rep. Anthony] Weiner?”

Or Bill Clinton…or Eliot Spitzer. The list goes on and on.

Listen, what the media loves the most is public, human frailty. On a whole, they live for that because that’s what we’ve demanded to see. So we’re all to blame with this.

So while it’s impossible to say who started it, as audience members we can all start ignoring the nonsense and try to focus on the issues. Because if not, the media will keep getting worse because it’ll become this never ending loop of perception-based reporting that only reinforces what we already think is the truth…because that’s what gets ratings…and that’s what advertisers want.

Just saying…