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Limp Bizkit Release Video For “Gold Cobra”


Can I pick your wedgie with my teeth?
So, at the end of this news post, you can watch the video for “Gold Cobra” from Limp Bizkit. The song appears on the band’s forthcoming album of the same name, which comes out in less than a fucking week.

The video isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s bad. Don’t get me wrong. It completely lacks creativity in lieu of sensual flashiness (i.e.; rap video staples like outlandish sports cars, huge tits, and ass — yes, ass).

I happen to be a staunch fan of ass, so I have literally watched this video — what? — a dozen times. I don’t know who this woman is, but…that ass is hypnotic. Watch the video, and try to tell me you wouldn’t eat marmalade out of her asshole.

After watching the video — which starts off with Wes Borland doing this hilarious voice, actually — a bunch of times, I hate to admit it…that fucking song is stuck in my head now. And I’m not totally pissed. Yet. Oh no…does this mean I’m becoming a douche? Like, a for real douche — for real? I can’t believe old cobra Fred Durst hasn’t changed his look in fucking 10 years. And I’m still amazed Wes feels like he needs to wear all that makeup when he plays. Weird.