Vinnie Vincent looks like an old lady
According to the Nashville Scene, the domestic-abuse case against former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent (born: Vincent John Cusano) has been temporarily “retired.”

That means the case has been suspended for a year, eventually giving the guitarist an opportunity to “petition the Court to dismiss [the] case and expunge the pertinent records as provided by law,” in exchange for undergoing eight hours of anger-management therapy.

Vincent was scheduled to appear in Rutherford County Criminal Court today to answer aggravated domestic assault charges. He was arrested after a May 21 incident where his wife Diane accused him of hitting her in the face, throwing her to the ground, and dragging her through broken glass following a heated argument.

Meanwhile, Vincent has released a video statement, saying that the charges were actually dropped.

“I thank you for helping me face my darkest struggle,” says Vincent. “You were there during my loneliest time when I was hopelessly lost with no direction. You were there to help me keep the last of my faith from breaking. Your message of love became the moments that I will always remember.

“I am happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed. Unfortunately, and very sadly, I was falsely charged. To all of the ‘truly genuine’ friends and fans who sent me their heartfelt messages of support and love during my hurting time, I will answer each of you. I ask that you give me some time.”

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