Evan Seinfeld
According to an interview with Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei, the New York City hardcore legends were just as surprised as everyone else that Evan Seinfeld just up and left last month.

“It dropped like a bombshell,” says Graziadei. “It kind of came up from left field. We finished tracking the record in late February and really didn’t have much contact with him that much. Everything was through management and I was working on the mix with [producer] Toby [Wright] and some additional overdubs and different ideas and some piano and keyboard stuff.”

A couple of weeks later, Evan called the band, and said he couldn’t do it anymore.

“He’s got a bunch of personal stuff and it’s mostly secret,” says Graziadei. “But it’s personal between… it’s what’s going on in his life, but he made a decision and we weren’t happy about it, but we made our decision to continue and keep going. It would be great if he was here and I know he’s proud of the record and as happy as it came out as we are. We were all there and made it together and focused equally on it, but rather to let it die out, we said, ‘You know what? Fuck it! We’re all psyched and happy and even though things are different it doesn’t mean much has changed!’ The heart and soul of the band is still intact and we’re gonna continue.”

I’m guessing the band started encroaching on Evan Seinfeld’s very active sex life, and hence, he bounced. I don’t blame him.

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