Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine
Yes, folks — that’s right.

Dave Mustaine says a lot in this interview he did with the Canadian Press. In Canada, all the “posties,” or mail delivery dudes, have gone on strike. That has nothing to do with Dave. I just think that sucks. Get back to work, posties.

Anyways, Mustaine gave his theories on dark subject matter in songs (“When you start to talk about things that are really intense in nature or even fantasy-related you really narrow your audience down. I’ve tried to sing about something that everybody experiences — and that’s feelings”) and he says Megadeth should be bigger.

“We’re not as big as I’d hoped to be right now, but there were some decisions I’d made while I was growing up, not only in my own personal life but as a band leader and as a businessman, there were some decisions I made that would’ve probably been better if I decided to make the opposite choice of what I did,” he says. “But I’m absolutely 100 percent content with who and what I am right now. I don’t want to come off like a sour grape, dude. I’m not discontent with anything right now, I’m so happy I can’t even imagine what life was like before this.

“I don’t wish I was in a bigger band right now, I’m totally happy with who I am,” he adds.

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