Phil Labonte
Phil Labonte’s dream of rock stardom is nearly coming true folks. His band, All That Remains, continue to climb that hard rock ladder, and soon, they’ll be as big as Godsmack and Buckcherry.

All That Remains have had their fourth consecutive hit single crack the Active Rock radio chart. “The Last Time,” which is the second single off the band’s 2010 album For We Are Many, currently holds the #14 spot.

I have Sirius at home, and when I listen to the radio in the car, it’s always on the news stations because, well, I’m a newsy. So I don’t listen to cock rock radio. Are you people hearing this All That Remains song on the air?

I mean, congrats to this band. I think they’re a bunch of awesome kids, and have watched them rise to prominence from relative obscurity during my time in New England. I’m glad they’re doing so great, and that Phil’s rock god aspirations will likely be realized in due time.

He’s already acting like one, which I guess he has a right to.

By the way, All That Remains will head out this summer as main support for Hollywood Undead starting on July 9 in Ft Wayne, Indiana, and ending on August 7 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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