New material is being worked on
So, here’s the thing.

I hear about shit all the time, because of some of the dudes I conversate with, and yes, I know conversate is not a real word. I just think it’s funny to say, and it’s something of an inside joke. Anyways, so, I hear things.

Alas, I’d be betraying confidences most of the time if I blew up their spot, and most of the time, knowing that I run this blog, they’ll tell me, “That shit’s off the record, by the way.”

That said, I have known that Job For A Cowboy started writing for their next full-length, but couldn’t tell you because certain dudes I know would’ve been pissed.

Job For A Cowboy posted the picture you see there online, with the caption, “The full length, putting pieces of the puzzle together.” That means they’re writing people…something I knew way back. From what I understand, they’ll be hitting the studio this summer to start tracking the bastard.

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