Of course, we’ve known for a while now that Ohio metallers Skeletonwitch have been holed up in a studio somewhere in Los Angeles, tracking their new album with producer Matt Hyde, the producer who has worked with Slayer and not Gun Shy Assassin regular Matt Hyde.

The follow up to 2009’s Breathing The Fire will be released this fall through Prosthetic Records and will be called Forever Abomination.

The disc will include the track “The Infernal Resurrection,” the demo version of which appears as the B-side on the band’s new seven-inch single, which constitutes the final part of a limited-edition vinyl trilogy.

This album will be Skeletonwitch’s first since the group’s new drummer, former Demiricous kitman Dustin Boltjes.

“Waiting fucking sucks! So, after months of writing, it’s great to finally be in the studio tracking the new album,” says guitarist Scott Hedrick. “It’s not rocket science… it’s epic, it’s brutal, it’s fucking Skeletonwitch! We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

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