Munky with Billy Gould
This can not be.

What in the hell is Faith No More bassist Billy Gould doing starting a band with James “Munky” Shaffer from Korn? I demand an explanation. This is not right.

I mean, Munky’s cool I guess. If I had a “Sophie’s Choice”-type situation and had to save one member of Korn, it’d probably be him. But still — he’s in Korn. Billy Gould is in Faith No More. I just don’t get how this happened. Why would Billy agree to this?

The new project is called Fear and the Nervous System and also features Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion, Korn’s Zac Baird, Steve Krolikowski of Repeater, and Leopold Ross from Io Echo.

You can download the band’s first song — called “Choking Victim” — over at their Web site,

This is the first I am hearing of this project. Apparently, they’ve been working on shit since 2008. I didn’t know that. But does that change my opinion? No. Billy’s too awesome a musician to be associated with the likes of Korn.

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