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Bury Your Dead Reveal All About New Album


Mat Bruso's head
Massachusetts metalcore dudes Bury Your Dead will be releasing their new album on August 2. Called Mosh ‘n’ Roll, it will be the band’s first effort for Mediaskare Records.

This is the band’s sixth studio album, and sees the return of Mat Bruso, who left the band in 2007.

“In the years I spent away from Bury Your Dead, I spent a lot of time thinking of all the things I could say on tour or on a record that I can’t get away with saying in the real world,” explains Bruso. “I would listen to the old stuff and think, ‘I can’t believe that I used to yell this and kids would yell it right back.’ Doesn’t work like that in the real world. I never thought I was the kind of guy who needed to write poetry or lyrics to get by; I just enjoyed doing it. But, I found myself scribbling things down and repeating lines to an imaginary song in my head all day at work, ‘You’re not getting older, you’re just getting old,’ over and over again.”

I’m riveted. Please, continue. Don’t let me stop you.

“I jumped at the chance to get some of these lyrics off my chest, doing guest vocals for Four Year Strong and The Ghost Inside. So when Bury Your Dead asked me if I wanted to do another record, well, fuck yes.”

That was, like, a lot of build-up and then a rushed ending with very little payoff. I’m let down. The album features 11 tracks, and they’re called “Slaughterhouse-Five,” “Nothing Is Lost Save Honor,” “Bluebeard,” “The Sirens of Titan,” “Deadeye Dick,” “Timequake,” “Sun Moon Star,” “Slapstick,” “Mother Night,” “Jailbird,” and of course “Mosh ‘n’ Roll.”