That's a lot of cymbals

That's a lot of cymbals
Pig Destroyer have confirmed an initial report by Metal Injection, claiming they’ve found themselves a new drummer.

Last night, guitarist Scott Hull posted the photo right there, of drummer Adam Jarvis, known for his work with Misery Index, claiming he was the new drummer.

No mention has been made regarding what happened to erstwhile drummer Brian Harvey, and why he is out of the band.

I don’t care who their drummer is, quite frankly. I just want a fucking new Pig Destroyer album before I start getting mail from the AARP. They’ve been hinting for a while that a new album would be coming to us in 2011, but it’s looking more like 2012 is a better bet.

I wonder whether this drummer search has been the reason for the oft-delayed Pig Destroyer LP. Either way, Pig Destroyer need to get on the ball here and finish up that new record before my pubes turn gray and fall out.

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