Michael Todd's mugshot
So, this may be the weirdest story ever, and perhaps, very revealing about Michael Todd, the bassist for Coheed and Cambria. Revealing in so much as it exposes him as a pillhead.

Todd was arrested tonight (July 10) for armed robbery, according to TMZ, after he allegedly held up a Walgreens by claiming he had a bomb; the incident allegedly happened right before Coheed and Cambria played a show with Soundgarden.

According to police in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Todd showed a pharmacist a cell phone note that said he had a bomb; the note also demanded Oxycontin, which, I guess, means that Todd is hooked on hillbilly heroin.

He made off with six bottles of pain pills and allegedly fled in a taxi. 

But police say he was spotted in the cab and police were able to track it through the dispatcher to the Comcast Center where Coheed and Cambria were set to open up for Soundgarden.

Police said Todd was arrested without incident after he was identified by the cab driver, the pharmacist and by store surveillance video.

Todd was charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics. He is being held on $10,000 bail and will be arraigned on Monday morning.

Previously, Todd left Coheed and Cambria in 2006 due to a growing addiction to heroin. Following a stint in rehab, Todd returned to the band in 2007.

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