Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott tell Decibel he’d like there to be more Carcass reunion shows — news that makes my balls twitch.

I’d also love a new Carcass album, but I will take more shows too. Carcass have not played a live gig in at least 10 months.

“The last show we played was a festival in Finland last summer,” Amott said. “We actually only did a handful of shows last year.

“The Carcass reunion was obviously an amazing thing for us, and for me personally it was amazing to reconnect with Bill Steer, Jeff Walker and Ken Owen,” Amott adds. “It was initially just supposed to be a handful of shows in 2008, but then all this other stuff got added on. It was a good time for me, because we were restructuring our whole business setup with Arch Enemy. But I told Jeff and Bill last summer that I have to prioritize the new Arch Enemy album. So, I don’t really know what they’re planning. It’s their band, really. They put out two albums before I joined the band, and they put one out after I left.”

Amott said he’s game though, if more shows are book.

“I hope we can do some more shows together when Arch Enemy slows down again, but they’re obviously free to do whatever they wanna do,” he says. “I don’t know what they’re planning, though. It seems like they’re keeping a lid on that.”

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