Dr. Acula keyboard player Joey Simpson has quit the band. In fact, he did it several weeks ago. He’s now just getting around to making it public, and issued a statement to Lambgoat, in an effort to combat online rumors and misinformation.

The dude bounced on June 20 after two releases with the band, and he’d like to point out — and does…over and over again — that he quit; he was not thrown out.

“There are a handful of reasons why. I feel there is no need to go into detail but I was unhappy with things and tried to tough it out in hopes things would change but they didn’t,” says Simpson. “I snapped and walked away. I love them as people but could no longer work with them as a band. I understand they were upset with me because I just up and left them while on the road, but I’d also think they would understand the reasons why I left when I finally did talk with them a few days after.

“I’m making this statement because I’m hearing that people as well as members are telling false information about what happened,” he continues. “They are saying I left because of a girl (merch girl); they are saying I was kicked out and a bunch of other bullshit I’ve heard. I’m clearing this up right now. If need be, I have the text messages from conversations I had with members explaining the reasons why I up and left. A few of the members can understand why I left and can see some of the reasons and other members I guess don’t want to face the truth or just don’t care enough to be my friend.”

He reiterates that he “quit Dr. Acula. I was not kicked out,” and that he “didn’t leave for some girl. They can post all the stuff they want and talk all they want but I have the proof. Even members of the bands on tour will back me up if needed. It hurts to know that I can’t even keep some of these guys as friends. I have not one time shit talked the band or put them down in anyway. I don’t have any plan to ever. It was my own doing for leaving and I’m very happy with the choice I made. I’m sure a lot of you people reading this don’t care or are going to shit talk on me. I don’t care. As long as everyone knows I quit for personal reasons.”

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