Ziltoid the Omniscient
And it’s slightly amusing.

For me, it’s really just another excuse to throw up a Devin Townsend post. Because he’s the fucking man. And if you think otherwise, well…we don’t want you here. Go buy some Teletubbies or some shit. I don’t know.

Anyways, Devin teamed up with his puppet alter-ego Ziltoid the Omniscient for the following clip, promoting The Devin Townsend Project‘s forthcoming “Soundwave Revolution” performances down in Australia.

We spoke with Devin last fall, and we asked him about his next Ziltoid record.

“Essentially I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to make a statement and summarize a period of personal change through these four records [he recently released, including last month’s Ghost and Deconstruction] and then after that, I am working slowly on Zid². I want to take it slowly. I want it to be an event. I want these four records to convince someone with a whole lot of money that I’m worth investing a whole bunch of money into and making a show like a spectacle, with, like, performers and orchestras and, like, huge Ziltoids, and a concept that’s really engaging. That is the goal, right? But who knows. In between, I may end up dong something else.”

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