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Is Life Of Agony Frontman Keith Caputo Getting A Sex Change?


Keith Caputo
I only ask after reading an item on ThePRP about some rumored Life of Agony reunion shows overseas that will reportedly be the band’s last. And it seems that Keith Caputo’s taking a rather drastic measure. Or has.

“The performances may be particularly eye opening for fans who haven’t kept up with the group as of late, as frontman (now frontwoman?) Keith Caputo has allegedly undergone gender reassignment,” says ThePRP.

Wait, what?

I always knew Keith was short, and I always thought maybe he was more effeminate than most dudes I know. But is the lead singer of Life Of Agony really gonna cut his cock off?

I hope not. Once you cut a cock off, it’s hard to sew it back on.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about his status with L.O.A., Caputo responded, “LOA has already gone in2 isolation & it’s got nothin 2 do w me transitioning [to a woman]. my boys love me regardless of my life choices!”

That picture, and the fact that Keith’s Web site refers to him as “Keith Mina,” means this is true. I’m shocked. Fuck. Wow. Gives a whole new meaning to the band’s music now. River runs red, indeed. I mean, who ever thought they’d see this day? I figured I’d see a “Lemmy To Move To International Space Station” headline before ever reading about Keith Caputo cutting his cock off.

Either way, he is one ugly woman.

UPDATE: Readers have alerted us to a new Twitter post from Keith that reads, “Male to female transsexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!” And, in a recent interview, Keith reportedly said, “I’m not living life as a man anymore and stuff. So, yeah, my life is completely different, but music will always be… music is definitely my driving force.”