Faith No More

Any time Faith No More do anything, it’s a good sign — at least in my mind — that we will one day get a proper fucking reunion, with new material. Yes, I want a follow-up to Album of the Year at some point, and yes, I know I’m dreaming because it will never happen. But I’m clinging to some shred of hope that there will one day be new music from Faith No More.

After they got back together for those European shows, I figured anything was fucking possible.

So, the fact that Faith No More will come out of their hiatus later this year for a live performance at the “SWU Music & Arts Festival” in Paulinia, Brazil, is a good sign — at least that more shows will happen.

No way Faith No More will put in that kind of rehearsal time for just one show…which is set for November 14.

Members of the band and the festival’s organizers have confirmed the booking…just for your edification.

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