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DevilDriver Bassist Injured Somehow, Shows In Limbo

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Dez Fartfarter
DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara claims that his band’s current touring bassist has injured himself.

How? What did he do? How serious is the injury?

Who the fuck know? You think Dez is going to tell us. That’s confidential mister, but it’s bad enough that they’ll miss two shows.

I hate cryptic offerings of information. I hate when these rock dudes just don’t give us all the details. Drives me up the fucking wall, and down the block.

By the way, DevilDriver’s current bassist is Aaron “Bubble” Patrick. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he used to be in Bury Your Dead.

In a Tweet, Fartfarter said, “Canada hold on and offer prayer as our bass player injured himself and we are awaiting if we will make these 2 shows or not ! KeepU Informed.”

Or uninformed.

Luckily, Hatebreed/Kingdom Of Sorrow frontman Jamey Jasta has given us more insight into what happened.

“Was in the ER w/ Bubble last night, barely made the show today. Please send him your thoughts & wish him a speedy recovery!,” says Jasta. “Anyone who’s ever pinched a nerve in their back or slipped a disc knows how excruciating the pain is. Hopefully he will be back rockin soon!”