Corey Taylor

I know, I know. If I don’t like a band, why do I write about that band? Because when people do Google news searches, they look for bands they like. And a ton of people like Stone Sour. Then they come here, read me ripping on the band, and ask me why I’d write about them if I hate them.

That’s exactly why, folks. Stone Sour have a new EP of covers coming down the pike, as well as a live DVD. This is probably part of the reason why Corey Taylor is reluctant to work with Slipknot on a new record. Part of the reason. Stone Sour is doing well, commercially speaking, and so, why kill the cash cow?

Corey claims both the DVD and the EP will be out before year’s end. The DVD will feature a live concert which the band filmed last year in England, while the covers EP will feature songs chosen by each member of the band.

Taylor also hinted at some U.S. Slipknot shows down the line. Gee, phat.

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