Dani Filth
This, just a week after pictures of Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth had his ass handed to him.

In fact, the reason why Cradle of Filth have withdrawn from the upcoming Wacken Open Air festival because of injuries Filth sustained after getting stomped like a little bitch. There’s an awful video at the end of this post, purportedly of Dani getting dry humped by security guards, but you can barely make it out.

According to a rep for the security guards who made Dani look like The Nanny, both security and the local police were called in to subdue the “aggressive and unmanageable” Filth, who had become “dangerous to himself and others.”

Sounds like someone has a problem. With what, I have no idea but…

The good news? Triptykon has been summoned to replace Cradle of Filth. In my eyes, you guys actually ended up on top in this whole situation. Would take Triptykon over Filth any day.

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