Much love to Norway

Much love to Norway
So, if you’re the kind of dude who only gets his news from sites like Gun Shy, then you probably missed that yesterday, Norway had their own 9/11. Some crazy fuck named Anders Behring Breivik blew up a building and then, dressed as a police officer, descended on a youth camp and started shooting people. He killed 92 before he was taken into custody; he has since confessed his guilt and police are investigating whether others were involved.

Our hearts go out to Norway — which has given us so many great metal acts — at this difficult time of recovery. If you’d like, send that crazy fuck to us, and let America kill him if you don’t want to.

Anyways, a number of metal musicians have reacted to the tragedy, including Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, Nikki Sixx, and Ihsahn.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with Norway today,” said Gossow. “Watching the news is heavy. What a horrible, disgusting deed. 87 people dead so far. It makes no sense. The world got a bit darker today.”

Pagan’s Mind issued a collective statement, reading, “Words are too small to express how we feel right now. 91 people killed, most of them youngsters same age as some of our own kids… But it’s important to keep living life like a dream and don’t let bastards like this coward gunman, who didn’t even have the guts to end his own misery before police arrested him, ruin your freedom of speech and freedom to explore the world.”

Oddleif Stensland of Norway’s Communic said, “Our hearts are with our fellow Norwegians on this sad day. Our deepest condolences go out to the families touched by this insane tragedy.”

Leprous, who are from Oslo, also spoke out. “We would like to express our deepest sympathy with everyone involved in yesterday’s shocking events in our hometown, Oslo. This is a day for unity, compassion and grief.”

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to everyone affected by the bombing in Oslo, and the shooting at Utøya,” said Mortiis. “Terrible tragedy. I don’t think anyone expected this to happen in Norway. I guess this puts things in perspective. People in places like Baghdad have to deal with this sort of stuff all the time.”

Sixx said, “My heart goes out to all the victims and families of the destruction and murder in Norway… There are no words… I am sorry…”

Iced Earth offered their condolences: “Our hearts go out to the people of Norway. The loss of life is horrific, nearly too much to contemplate. Please join us in sending prayers, positive thoughts, and sincere condolences to the friends and family members affected by this tragedy.”

Anette Olzon of Nightwish writes, “I weep with Norway in this horrible day after the events yesterday where 91 persons died, most of them children and young people. It´s just so horrible that I don’t have words for how I feel but I send my condolences to the victims families, the survivors and all of Norway. We really need to reach out to each other instead of hating…”

Scott Ian of Anthrax wrote, “The horror played out today in Norway sickens me to my core… my thoughts are with you.”

Ihsahnn, formerly of Emperor, commented: “We at Mnemosyne [Productions] would like to express our deepest sympathy and compassion for the victims and everyone affected by the immense tragedy that has occurred in Oslo and Utøya. Our thoughts are with you.”

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