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Corrosion Of Conformity Drummer Falls Ill


Corrosion of Conformity
The Animosity lineup of Corrosion of Conformity was forced to cancel an appearance Saturday in Flint, Michigan, because drummer Reed Mullin has taken ill.

The band said in a statement that their withdrawal from a show with Clutch at The Machine Shop was necessary, because Reed is being treated by medical staff in Pittsburgh.

“Unfortunately, C.O.C. will not be performing with Clutch this evening in Flint,” the band noted the other day. “Sorry to all and wish Reed well.”

Clutch carried on with the show, of course. They’re fucking professionals. That’s what pros do.

C.O.C was also forced to nix a show in Traverse City, Michigan, July 24.

We wish Reed a speedy recovery, from whatever it is doctors are treating him for.