Jag Panzer
Oh well.

Over the weekend, we posted an email from Mark Briody of Jag Panzer, calling the site out for being lame and promising a special announcement would be forthcoming this week. That announcement? Jag Panzer are done.

“We are proud of every album we released and the support we’ve received from the heavy metal community,” states guitarist and founder Mark Briody. “We’ve played so many places around the world and enjoyed every minute of it but the time has come where we just cannot move forward as a band.”

Guitarist Christian Lasegue announced he was leaving the band last month, to pursue his degree full time.

“Christian did an amazing job on The Scourge Of The Light and it was a pleasure working with him,” continues Briody. “We wished Christian well but kept this quiet until we found a replacement.”

Bassist John Tetley said in a statement, “we’d like to send out a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to metal fans throughout the world. You all rule!”

In other news, the Earth continues to rotate and life carries on.

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