Look Who Doesn’t Want To Be VP This Month…

You know the games we play at this time in the election season. Don’t act like you want it. Keep your head down. Show your dedication to the job. Make them court you. Finally agree to it once the media has responded favorably and every important voice in politics has demanded that you come out of hiding. Even then, it’s practically political suicide for anyone with real ambitions of becoming the president one day. Only FOUR vice presidents in U.S. history have gone on from the office of the vice presidency to win a direct election:

    John Adams (1796)
    Thomas Jefferson (1800)
    Martin Van Buren (1836)
    George Bush (1988).

That being said, let’s take a look at who’s playing the game…

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

What He Says: “I think you kind of go, ‘Vice President… Governor of Texas…’ ” Rick Perry said, mimicking a scale with his hands as he weighed the jobs. “John Nance Garner had a pretty good handle on that.” (As you may recall, John Nance Garner was famously quoted as saying, “This job isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.”)

Why He Should Want It: Rick Perry is one of the longest serving governors with a tenure of 10 years and 216 days. He’s tough on crime, he saved the state more than $3 billion by using his line item veto powers, he fought frivolous malpractice lawsuits, he’s kept taxes low, and he’s managed to increase spending on education when most other states are cutting their budgets. Since the 2012 election will undoubtedly be about the economy, a Republican ticket could sure use a fiscal conservative.


Marco Rubio, Florida Senator

What He Says: “I’m flattered, but I will not be anyone’s running mate. I’m focused on this job here in the U.S. Senate.” Also, one of his close advisors is rumored to have said, “I’ve heard that rumor too. But he may not think he’s ready yet. There’s always 2016.”

Why He Should Want It: Marco Rubio has been called a “Rock Star” by Texan Senator John Cornwyn, who adds that Rubio is “a popular guy, not just in Florida, but around the country.” Strategists point out that he’d bring the swing state of Florida over to the Republicans; he has Republican, Conservative and Tea Party support; he has Cuban roots so he could drum up support in Latino communities; and 57 of 100 ideas he brought to the table became law in what Newt Gingrich called “a work of genius.” In other words… this guy is Dynamite!

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