The Empire Shall Fall
Ooh doggy! The Empire Shall Fall will be recording more this weekend. According to a Facebook post, this Saturday The Empire Shall Fall will track guest vocals, gang vocals, and backup vocals for their next two releases — EPs that they’ll be releasing online.

They’ve said that primary instruments for the EP have been committed to tape, and that they’ll also be including tenor saxophone, keys, and “potentially trumpet” on the new albums.

Trumpet? I can dig it. I mean, it’s Jesse Leach and The Empire Shall Fall. If it makes it on the albums or albums, I’m sure it will make sense and sound amazing.

“We are very excited,” the band says. “From there its just off to the mixing/mastering, which we hope to have done by the beginning of September. Then its off to the presses, which should be done 6-8 weeks after that.

As soon as we have an official release date we will let you all know. We are very excited for this, and have begun working on the next EP as well, which is expected to differ from the first, and be more aggressive and heavy.”


The band plan on releasing a trio of EPs, and “each EP will be available for digital download and vinyl only,” the band says. “There will be a limited number of vinyls pressed. Once the third EP is released, a final ‘master’ hardcopy CD will be released with the complete work. The three EPs are anticipated to fade in and out of one another, and the final CD will contain the uninterrupted versions.”

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