Dave Ellefson
Noisecreep spoke with Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson recently about Amy Winehouse and her death, presumably from an overdose. Why talk to Dave about it? Because when a junkie dies, there’s nothing like a former junkie to chime in with some perspective.

“She’s been pretty open about her troubled life and the addictions, and as a recovered guy, my heart always goes out when I see that happen because there’s a lot of misunderstanding behind overcoming those personal issues,” Ellefson said. “My prayers are with her family right now and all the people in her organization, because it’s unexpected but it’s a reality, and everyone has to deal with it.”

When asked whether he believes people who use are dancing with the Devil, Ellefson said, “When you’re in it, it just seems like it’s all fun and games, and then eventually it turns dark. And that darkness is where a lot of people can’t get out of. And that’s really the correlation to the Devil. If you believe in God, you’ve got to believe in the devil. And if you believe in the Devil, you’d better believe in God.”

He added: “I actually just got accepted to go into a seminary program within the Lutheran Church; they bring up people within the congregation, it’s a graduate level course. I’m fairly well steeped in the world, and having been clean for several years, that’s kind of a natural progression for my walk.”

Good luck with that, Dave. Good luck,

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