Fuck. I was actually hoping there would be a happy ending to this story (like he was on some island or in a cave somewhere), because I learned more about Daniel Bobis the other day while reading Long Island’s Newsday. He was an avid surfer, and was known around Long Beach’s surfing community not as the drummer for Cipher, but also as a beloved math teacher. Sounds like he was a rad dude.

Sadly, Bobis is now confirmed dead after going missing last week while surfing in Indonesia.

A relative of Bobis broke the bad news on Facebook: “I am truly sorry to be writing this. Last night Rachel, Bob, Lydia, and Brian received word that a body was found somewhere up the coast by fishermen. They immediately traveled together in hopes that it was a coincidence…It was not. They positively identified Danny.”

The message continues that Bobis “is gone and now we must mourn. So please do not focus on what the media may release. In this terrible time of tragedy we must keep our energy on what Danny stood for and how we can be there for his family. We must come together and stay together. Danny you will never die in our hearts and we know your up in heaven ripping waves. I’ll see you when I get there brother…We love you.”

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