Mike Reaves, the former guitarist of the West Tennessee rock outfit Full Devil Jacket, has died.

Reaves succumbed to cancer on July 25, according to reports.

“Mike was one of the absolute funniest people you’d ever meet,” said Reaves’ former bandmate Kevin Bebout. “He was just so great to work with. He’d come up with a great guitar lick or solo. He’d run riffs for days. The best thing about working with him, though, was even when we hated each other, we always laughed with each other. It was always a comedy. Ask anyone, he was the funniest guy they knew.”

Bebout said Reaves’ prostate cancer was diagnosed in the spring of last year, shortly before the band reunited for a benefit concert to help pay for his medical expenses.

On June 19, 2010, the band performed together just as Reaves started cancer treatments.

That is some sad shit.

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