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Iced Earth Release New Album Art, Details


Iced Earth’s forthcoming album Dystopia now has a cover. And there it is. It’s kind of scary, no? I mean, I’m going to be afraid to sleep tonight without a night light.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the darker side of life,” says founder Jon Schaffer. “Movies like ‘Metropolis,’ ‘Brazil,’ and ‘The Matrix’ resonate with me. The same for albums like 2112, The Wall, and, of course, Operation: Mindcrime. Their images of a soulless, repressive society stuck with me over the years. It must be the sci-fi fan in me.”

Must be. Schaffer said his interest in dystopian themes in music and movies led him to try his hand at that sci-fi concept album genre as well — even paying homage on the new album to the movies “Dark City,” “V For Vendetta,” and “Soylent Green.”

Songs set to appear on the disc include “Anthem,” “Days of Rage,” “Boiling Point,” “Anguish of Youth,” “Iron Will,” “End of Innocence,” “Equilibrium,” and “Tragedy and Triumph.”

Dystopia will be in stores October 18.