Kate Upton hates sweaty goons
That’s the word from ThePRP, who have caught wind of the rumor.

Five Finger Death Punch and Hatebreed…on the same bill? Man, there are going to some ignorant motherfuckers in that pit. Stay away, unless you want to have your body violated in any myriad of ways.

The rumor also has All That Remains on the bill, and a few other yet-to-be-determined bands rounding the thing out.

Damn, that ignorance quotient just shot through the fucking roof.

By the way, I think this rumor’s probably to be believed. This afternoon, Five Finger Death Punch revealed on their Facebook page that “Big news [is] coming Monday. Stay tuned.”

Or gooned. I know a lot of goons who are going to be at this fucking thing. Dudes with bad tattoos and steroid veinage. Man, this tour’s going to just lead to fucking damage.

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