Dave Tejas of Krum Bums
Today folks, we bring you another exciting Gun Shy email interview with Dave Tejas from Krum Bums. Yes, we need to change up our list of questions, and I promise to do that soon. But luckily, Dave’s a funny motherfucker, so his responses are pretty rad.

Check out the interview below. And have a nice weekend you sensual fucks. Here’s that interview.

What turns you on?
Toes and buttholes!

What scares you more than anything?
Werewolves and a world with out Sriracha hot sauce.

Have you ever met a guy named Chet you liked? Why are most Chets complete assholes?
I like the Chet from “Weird Science;” that guy was fucking cool! I’ll answer your question with another question. Have I ever not met a Chet I didn’t like. And actually the Greek translation of the name Chet means “He who can not be an asshole, he who is LOVE.”

What will you be doing tour-wise for the foreseeable future?
We are actually starting a summer tour with Toxic Holocaust and Holy Grail. Seven weeks of madness and only 2 days off…WOOF!

What one band would you love to see return with an album and tour?
Great White..what a trajedy!!

Have you ever been arrested?
Twice for kicking too much ass and once for making Chuck Norris look stupid. That’s a felony in Texas.

What is your stance on sex during menses — if it bleeds, let’s fuck it or once the red tide subsides, surf’s up?
Say, “Bra a warm wet hole is a warm wet hole.” Embrace nature.

What one record would you give to Stephen Hawking?
“Footloose” soundtrack!

What word do you hate?

What one movie sequel do you wish were never made?
“Short Circuit 2.” Part one kicks ass. (Edit: Agreed.)

What name do you wish your parents had actually given you?

What vacation spot would you recommend to a friend?
Tucson, Arizona: it is a very hip and progressive city. And the weather is great.

Finish this joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side. DUH!!! GOD!!! (Edit: The correct answer is “Because there was chicken rape on his side of the road.)

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