Well good good good for them. And the people of Austin, Texas — the site of the Fun Fun Fun Fest.

This year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest will happen this this this November 4 through through through November 6 at Auditorium Shores, whatever that is. If you know Austin or live in Austin, you probably do. So, it’s cool. I can’t know everything.

The Fun Fun Fun Fest has become an annual annual annual part of Austin’s vibrant music scene, according to a press release. It features all kinds of acts, including hip-hop, punk, hardcore, indie rock, and DJ acts.

The Fun Fun Fun Fest has built a reputation over the past five five five years, it seems, because it welcomes all kinds of folks. Why, they even have a veggie dog eating contest and a mechanical bull.

Holy holy holy awesome. And now they have Slayer to up the awesome. Have fun, kids. With a name like that, how could you not.

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