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Gojira Drummer Talks New EP, Working With Devin


Australian site Loud recently caught up with Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier and he talked. Damn, did he talk. He spoke about the band’s forthcoming EP — the proceeds from which will benefit Sea Shepherd, an anti-whaling organization — as well as the new Gojira LP and working with Devin Townsend.

“The music [on the EP] is ready, but we’re waiting on [a] vocalist,” says Mario. “We want to release it as soon as possible, maybe August or September. When you ask to put singers on the record, it makes it difficult. If it’s just Joe [Duplantier] on voice, that makes it easier, but it’s not easy…The music has been ready for six months, but the people who accepted to be part of the project had a lot of scheduling conflicts. Each song has different vocalists; it will be four very different songs. It’s not an album, so we decided to have fun. One is very fast, one is very slow, one has a very rock vibe — it’s very different to the album.”

So psyched. Gojira is the only thing from France I love. By the way, Devin is one of the dudes singing on the EP. What was it like working with Captain Awesome?

“We decided to invite him because we’ve known him since a long time, when we shared a stage in 2006,” Mario starts. “We were big fans of Strapping Young lad, we’re amazed by his work. He told us he had a lot of respect [for] and loved our music as well. We wanted to share something and when Joe decided to make the project, Devin was the first guy we decided to contact. He agreed to participate as he was a big fan of Gojira, but he was also a big fan of the project.”

The forthcoming LP will be finished in October, with an eye toward an early 2012 release.

“We don’t have the name of the album or the songs yet, as that usually comes later.”

Wait Loud — that’s all he said? Why not ask him what that’s going to sound like, too? Although, having some dude describe his own music can sometimes be boring. Still! That’s all he said about the new record? I feel like someone dropped the bloomin’ onion here.