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Gun Shy Assassin’s pal Chad Ackerman — a member of Chapter 14 — is back with a vengeance. He recently checked out the new “Captain America” movie, and has reported back with a review of the new flick. Take it away, Chad.

I just want to start this review off by letting everyone know that Chris Evans is a very underrated actor.

I heard a lot of people were bummed that he got the part, but I was very pleased when I heard that he was going to be our first avenger. The acting in “Captain America” is great. I will not speak too highly of the CGI and special effects, but the acting in the movie outweighs the sometimes questionable computer generated magic.

Newcomer Hayley Atwell is Captain’s love interest in the movie. She is very believable, and I can best describe her as a British version of Rachel McAdams. The movie would definitely be a “wait to rent” flick without its cast.

With Tommy Lee Jones (as Colonel Chester Phillips), Hugo Weaving (the Red Skull), Stanley Tucci (Dr. Abraham Erskine), and Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man’s dad), you have a dynamite cast that could sell a toupee to Chewbacca. Seriously, I’m glad to see great acting in a comic book movie, especially after the goofy performance Ryan Reynolds just gave us with “Green Lantern.”

Director Joe Johnston really redeemed himself for me with “Captain America,” because his previous film “Wolfman” was not that good. I loved Johnston’s beginning work with “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” “The Rocketeer” and “Jumanji,” but then I did not really pay attention to his films after that.

With “Captain America,” he successfully ties in all of the other Marvel films. This movie is kind of the foundation to connect the other Marvel films that have been released since “Hulk” and “Iron Man,” tying the story lines together for next year’s “The Avengers.”

Overall, I give “Captain America” a B+, but there is one thing that really bugged me that I can’t let slide. His vibranium shield would sometimes mysteriously fly back to him after he had hurled it at an enemy, but there was no explanation of why or how it could do that. I have a theory that just like Aladdin’s carpet, Captain’s shield has a mind of its own. Hell, Disney does own Marvel now.

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