Maria Brink
Maria Brink is a babe. This has been established. She’s also very sweet, and in a band with Chris Howorth, who writes a column for this site.

That band: In This Moment. And according to Maria, who just spoke with Loud, In This Moment are writing new songs at the moment.

“We’re slowly starting to write now,” says Brink. “Slowly starting to dive into it, and it’s really exciting; it’s like starting all over again. I get so excited, just everything about it, the creation of it, the concept, everything.”

I like it when Maria gets excited. I get excited. Then I have dark thoughts. Go away, dark thoughts — GO AWAY.

Brink says the next disc probably won’t be a concept album.

“I definitely do love the idea of having the loosely threaded concept theme to it — not the story from the beginning to the end, because I feel too constricted with my writing,” she says. “I do like a loose story line that goes through an album because it’s cool to write, and metaphorical, versus something like, ‘Oh, I’m really sad my boyfriend left me.’ It kind of gets old for me, so it’s kind of cool to write my personal experiences in a story, metaphorically. I like that.”


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